Sat, 11 Jul | Manège de l'Isle

Atelier découverte : horse coaching (equicoaching)

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Atelier découverte : horse coaching (equicoaching)

Heure et lieu

11 Jul 2020, 14:00 – 16:00
Manège de l'Isle, Rue de la ville 1, 1148 L'Isle, Suisse

À propos de l'événement

What can the horse bring us in terms of self-knowledge

If, man has discovered the immense potential of the horse over the centuries, through the Quirao experience, you will discover to what extent the horse can allow us to develop that of man ...

One of the last animals to have been domesticated by humans, the horse belongs to the category of "prey" within animal species, a double aspect which allows it to have two advantages: a preserved instinct and the ability to quickly assess any new situations that come their way.

The hierarchy, the relationships of seduction, have no hold on the horse, the latter only deciphering the attitude of his vis-à-vis, his non-verbal behaviors, with great acuity. However, these elements represent approximately 35% of our modes of communication. Another 45 percent is made up of our voice and the intonations we place in our sentences. The horse, if it does not understand the words communicated to it, is on the other hand perfectly able to decode the transmitted intentions. Whether ordering, appeasing, sanctioning or rewarding, the messages emitted by our bodily attitudes can conflict with the way we communicate them verbally. However, the horse, just like human beings, chooses the message that suits him best, the one that suits him.

Sylvie Volery specializes in Coaching, Insights, NLP, Systemics, Sophrology, horse coaching and cardiac coherence. She is a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and AFCP (French Association of Professional Lecturers) and works in Europe. In 2004, she founded Creavenir, which in 2011 would become Quirao.

We invite you to come and familiarize yourself with our method in a 2-hour workshop. You will be surprised at the immediate results as the horse reveals your hidden potentials.

The recommendations related to Covid-19 will of course be followed.

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